Saturday, 1 January 2011

Giving myself the best chance

Eleven days into the challenge, and so far I've completed almost 50km which I'm pleased with- next training session tomorrow.

I really want to give myself the best possible chance of completing the 2011km, which means I need to try and avoid getting poorly or injured as best as I can. So I'm taking berrocca vitamins along with cod liver oil capsules each morning, trying to eat fairly healthily and having days off between training sessions to allow my body to recover.

I know from when I've been doing a moderate amount of running before, that I need to take care of my knees and hips, both of which seem to take the brunt of overdoing it. So I'm doing exercises to try and protect and strengthen those joints.
These are links to some of those exercises

However, I've been reading "Eat, pray, love" by Elizabeth Gilbert , and it seems there maybe an alternative way to free up and protect those joints that might be worth looking into....

Gilbert visits a healer whilst in Bali and the following conversation takes place-
"She felt the other knee... Grinned and said, "I can tell by your knees that you don't have much sex lately." I said "why? Because they're so close together?" she laughed. "no,- it's the cartilage.Very dry. Hormones from sex lubricate the joints...."

Not sure if there's any scientific truth in this, but hey ho could be worth a try!

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  1. well that explains my knees!!!
    Seriously good luck, I think what you are doing is amazing and I hope you raise a lot of money. :)

  2. Haha :-) thank-you ! Everyone's support means so much x