Thursday, 6 January 2011

Day 16

It's day 16 of my 2011km challenge, and so far so good!
So far I have
Run 26.87km
Cycled 85.56km
And swam 540m
That's a total of 112.97km which I'm really chuffed with. Much further than I thought I'd be able to do in the first couple of weeks. So far most of the kilometres have been clocked up on cycling but I'm hoping to gradually increase the running to make it a bit more even.
Feeling a little bit of wear & tear on my hips and knees today but then I did complete 21.48 km my furthest in one session so far. I know I'm not going to manage great distances with the swimming but I want to slot some in-between the running and cycling to make it more interesting and also put less pressure on my knees hopefully. Anyhow here's to the remaining 1898km...

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