Saturday, 12 March 2011

Targets and goals

I was really chuffed to get past the 500km point last week, and doubly so because I managed just over 100km in that week alone. The most I'd done in a week up until that point had been 66km. I decided to really push myself and see if I could complete 100km, and though I was doubtful I would, I did it. I couldn't keep that up every week, partly because of other commitments, but it's good to know I am capable of making up for weeks when I can't do so much- ie school holidays. The half term break really brought it home to me that I can't fit my usual amount of training in, in those weeks - and there are a lot of weeks taken up with school holidays in the year!! So every now and again I will do a full-on week of training to make up for those times and also to test what I'm capable of. I guess my next goal should be to complete between 110 and 125 km in a week, and of course the next big goal is to get to 1000km- hoping to do that by the beginning of June.

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